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Psychology Coursework Assignment: Causes Of Anxiety Disorder (Coursework Sample)


causes of anxiety disorder


Panic disorder is one of the most common types of psychological disorders that is often easily identifiable from an individual. It involves repeated and regular panic attacks. These attacks may be manifested for no reason. Despite the existence of feelings of anxiety and panic during everybody lifetime, people with panic disorder experience feelings of anxiety, stress and panic regularly with no specific timelines. Panic disorders accompany a feeling of uneasiness ranging from mild to severe coupled with worry and fear. This disorder occurs in a number of ways constituting its various types. Firstly, post-traumatic stress disorder; it is caused by frightening events such as an abuse at a young age may contribute to panic attacks when such memories are recalled. Secondly, phobias; this is consistent with fear of objects, places, feeling or humans. Thirdly, generalized anxiety; this relates to excessive fear characterized by extreme worrying about particular situations.
Panic disorders is caused by a wide range of physical and psychological factors. These include, genetics; some cases of panic disorders may run deep within the family tree. A family member with panic disorder, conventionally increases chances of another family member developing this condition. Scary experiences; having gone through a traumatic life experience may increase development of panic disorders.

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