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Discussion: Eschatological Community Of Co-existing People (Coursework Sample)


Tries To Dissect Grenz's Paper On Its Ethical Implications As It Suggests That God Created Humankind As An Eschatological Community Of Co Existing People To Live In A Renewed Creation And Benefit From Their Creator.



According to Grenz’s article, God created humankind as an eschatological community of co-existing people to live in a renewed creation and benefit from the presence of their creator. Grenz states that because God is love humankind is created as an act of His love and is destined to return to Him. Hell exists not just as a physical existence but as God’s dark side to punish the sinners. Since God never stops loving His creation, humanity experiences separation from Him in the form of punishment. Grenz claims that human beings should derive their meaning from the life of Jesus Christ. The life, death, and resurrection of Christ are an example of God’s love and meaning for all creation (Grenz, 2000). Humankind is given a chance to unite with God after their death through the Spirit that transforms our new birth into the fa...
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