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Locke's Contribution to Natural Laws Social Sciences Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The task was to assess one of the dominant philosophers and compare his argument on natural laws with those of another famous philosopher. The paper assesses Locke's ideas on natural laws compared to filmer's ideas.


Locke’s Contribution to natural Law
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Locke’s Contribution to Natural Laws
Locke disapproved of Robert Filmer's ideas on the origins of legitimate political power. He termed Locke's ideas as glib nonsense and claimed that they did not hold any meaning in politics despite Filmer's approval by other 20th century scholars. According to Harris (2020), Robert Filmer believed that the family was the legitimate origin of political power. In his writings, he argues that the father is the first king and that masculine authority was the key to political obligation. He also believed that Kings have absolute power over their subjects the same way a father has power over the children. Locke Disagrees with Filmers ideas and claims that separation of power is what makes legitimate government.

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