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Evaluating The Significance Of Quality Circle In The Organization (Coursework Sample)


EVALUATING THE Significance of Quality Circle in the Organization.


Significance of Quality Circle in the Organization
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Significance of Quality Circle in the Organization
The study will mainly focus on investigating whether quality circles are important in an organization. The research extensively analyzes the perceived significance of quality circles. The research tries to analyze the benefits that come with quality circles in an organization. In the past suggestion, programs were used as a way for employees to communicate their ideas and opinion to the management. The suggestion program mostly involved passing these ideas anonymously by the utilization of a suggestion box (Robson, 2003). The emergence of quality circles has completely changed how individual workers channel their ideas and thoughts to the management. In the contemporary global market dynamism, many companies have adopted the application of quality circles (QCs). In the United States, most studies have indicated that management has put in place the QCs. It is important to note that QCs programs will vary among the different organization. The organizational culture greatly determines the dynamism of the QCs. Japan has been leading in the adoption of QCs programs. The programs in Japan emphasizes more on statistical quality control. Employees in Japan receive a financial bonus based on the performance of the company. The research will investigate whether QCs is, in fact, important in organizations. The Quality can be defined as abiding by the set standards of a particular good or service. It is important to mention that the word quality has a pragmatic interpretation. Therefore, quality in manufacturing, engineering, and business might indicate completely different meaning. The study will focus on the corporate quality aspect. The key aspects of quality include; quality management, control, producing, checking, and assurance.
According to Dewar (1983), quality control circle or quality circle is a term that is used to refer to a group of individuals who do similar work and how the meet regularly to analyze, solve work-related problems, and to identify areas of concern in business operation. The circle normally has a supervisor or manager who presents the proposed solutions to the management. The most discussed areas by the QCs include; manufacturing processes, improving product design, improvement of the working environment, occupational health, and safety. The QCs are usually formal groups, and they often meet during the working hours. The companies arrange for the training of this particular group of workers by competent professionals. The key study question is whether the QCs are important to an organization. The research will try to answer this question through the use of existing literature about the topic.
The key role played by the quality circles is to offer recommendations for production of quality goods and services to the management. The QCs programs, therefore, greatly influences the level of quality produced. Quality goods and services mean that the company will benefit in some areas. Quality goods and services will mean that the company has been able to meet the customer expectations. Most customers expect companies to produce quality products and failure to which might result to them seeking alternatives. The company with the help of QCs can address this by ensuring that recommendations by the programs are followed to ensure quality production. The emphasis on quality by the QCs team helps the company to build a good reputation. Quality greatly influences the company's reputation. In the contemporary market, where social media has grown, companies will often seek the recommendations by the QCs, so us to maintain a high quality production which will result in a good image for the company.
The QCs help in improving organizational productivity. An organization's productivity can be influenced by QCs programs in multiple ways. The QCs programs encourage teamwork. The increased level of teamwork will mean the

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