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The Potential Impact Of Data Mining On The Clean Energy Sector (Coursework Sample)


Video and Disruption Report Assignment
For this assessment task, you will create a two-minute video and written proposal about the impact of a particular technology on an industry or field.
The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop your big-picture thinking, and to explore various impacts of the ever-changing IT industry.


Part one: Research
Data mining technology
Data mining can be interpreted as a process that allows organisations to extract useful information from raw data. However, data mining is a complicated process and requires proper software to evaluate a large set of data. Generally, three factors influence the data mining processes, such as data collection, warehousing and computer processing (Thuraisingham, 2014). However, multiple data mining techniques have been observed in the current literature such are:
1 Machine learning
2 Artificial intelligence (AI)
3 Statistical data mining
Data mining process has a versatile application in different domains. Henceforth, multiple phases of data mining have been found in the existing literature. The Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) is Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) are two major processes for data mining. Nevertheless, scholars prefer the CRISP-DM method for data mining due to its detailed process that can be helpful in any domain.
The clean Energy sector in Australia
Australian Government has taken future initiatives to promote the clean energy sector, which has been identified as essential for future energy consumption. From a recent report of clean energy council in Australia. It is found that Australian businesses are facing issues in securing long-term contracts for consuming energy. This drives a better demand for the solar energy in Australia. It is identified that wind and hydro generation energy has been able to develop approximately the same energy as electricity. However, households in Australia has also cooperated with the Government as almost 172,000 households have installed solar PV to save high consumption of energy. Henceforth, almost 28000 battery systems have been installed across Australia in 2017. Therefore, the Government has considered following factors that to be considered in 2018:

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