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Sofware Architecture - Architecture & Qualities (Coursework Sample)


Software architectures for alarm security system.


Software Architecture - Architecture & qualities
Part 1 Architecture
Company’s Central Monitoring Center and multi-homes being monitored.

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The home alarm system in the Alarm control center uses sensors and human detection sensors in order to detect if doors are opened at a client’s house. 
Software components
Human detection component: detects correct or incorrect codes in the entry control pad.
Door location management component: interprets output of human interference sensors into location information.
Data analysis manager: exchanges analysis outcomes with analysis engines, stores data and triggers the alarm to notify the police.
System processes
The output of human detection and control pad management engines are stored in the data analysis manager.
Detection of human interference data is transmitted to a home control service.
Architecture for the Central Monitoring Center

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The structured metadata integration platform is located between sensors and applications. It integrates data analysis and transfers them to applications.
External Interface
Through the external interface, applications retrieve data analysis from the structured metadata integration platform. Via this interface, applications are able to clip the necessary data from the data analysis ran by the metadata integration platform.
Metadata Integration Platform
The metadata integration platform involves data analysis manager and analysis engines, which combines the data analysis and transfers them to applications.
Data analysis manager
Data analysis manager invokes the analysis engines, store, combine and retrieve assessment results produced by analysis engines.
Architecture in a typical Home

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The intrusion detection system detects human interference on the control pad by analyzing data captured. In addition, it triggers an alarm when unauthorized or incorrect codes are keyed in or if the safe-word is not used.
Intrusion detection service: triggers an alarm when doors and windows are opened. It generates related data information and sends it to the central monitoring center. Data analysis manager exchanges analysis outcomes with analysis engines, archives data, the operator notifies the police. Within the system processes, authentication is then processed by an object verification component, and the outcomes are also archived in the data analysis manager. The outcomes of the authentication are transmitted to the central monitoring center.
Part2. Qualities important for the system
To improve the alarm system, deployment of client/Server Architectural Style will play a significant role. This pattern will be put into use to facilitate information synchronization between the doors and windows at home and the Alarm Monitor Company’s central monitoring hub. The system with these qualities will be ideal because, the client/server architectural style outlines the link between a client (doors and windows) and one or several servers, in which the client (doors and windows) opens requests, wait...
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