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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Measures Of Quality Health, Medicine, Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


discussion questions on the measures of quality in the healthcare sector. the questions were posted on an online class platform.


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1. Compare one measurement that you identified in the Week 2 Discussion with one measurement outlined by the CMS restricted reimbursements and analyze how these two measures demonstrate evidence of compliance with their respective quality measurement standards.
Healthcare organizations should improve the quality of their facilities and their healthcare standards both by external and internal standards. A nurse turnover rate is an important quality indicator that should be explored thoroughly because the turnover rate of nurses determines their performance at work and, subsequently, the healthcare status of the hospital. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Standards has restrictive reimbursements based on the status of the patients and other conditions that affect if reimbursements are possible (CMS, 2013). Stone et al. (2011) added that restrictive reimbursements by the CMS affect the number of hospital-acquired infections that are covered by the services. This regulation has an effect on the quality standards of the hospital as well as on the standards of nursing turnover rates because of the domino effect of nursing turnover rates on hospital-acquired illnesses. Additionally, these quality standards are there to be able to guide the hospitals and patients about the issues arising from these healthcare conditions (Stone et al. 2010). Together these measures of quality make sure that the hospital provides adequate healthcare and infection prevention techniques that should ensure that patients do not acquire infections from the hospital. 

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