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Accounting, Finance, SPSS
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Impacts of a profit sharing scheme on company performance Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The task required an analysis of the possible POSSIBLE BENEFITS ASSOCIATED WITH an employee profit sharing SCHEME and advice the directors of PK MART retail market on whether THE COMPANY SHOULD INTRODUCE A PROFIT SHARING SCHEME FOR ALL OF ITS EMPLOYEES. PK mart is a hypothetical company provided by the client. this sample paper, therefore, satisfies these requirements by firstly CONDUCTING A LITERATURE SEARCH into the topic and secondly UNDERTAKE SOME QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS LOOKING AT THIS
ISSUE. The research utilized a multiple Regression model to examine the factors that impact employee performance and the degree of impact of a profit sharing scheme on employee performance.


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The impact of profit sharing on firm’s financial performance is a widely debated subject. PK Mart supermarket needs advice on whether to adopt the incentive scheme or not, on the basis of its impact on the firm’s overall performance. This report will investigate scholarly literature concerning the subject matter to assess results and conclusions from the previous research. Secondary research helps identify the research gaps to be filled and instills confidence, and builds expectations in the investigation. The research will employ regression analysis to examine market research data collected on the subject in question. Both bivariate data analysis and multivariate data analysis will be employed in the analysis. Bivariate data will explore relationships between adopting a profit-sharing scheme and employee commitment, between employee commitment and productivity, productivity and profitability, and direct relationships between the adoption of profit sharing and productivity and profitability. Multivariate analysis will explore how the variables whose relationship has been investigated under bivariate data analysis – adopting a profit-sharing scheme, employee productivity, employee commitment, and profitability – are jointly related through a mathematical model.

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