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Analysis of Communicative Strategies and Techniques (Coursework Sample)


a 1500 word analysis of communicative strategies and techniques adopted in one written and two recorded excerpts of professional communication prescribed by the module leader.
the analysis must demonstrate familiarity with relevant concepts and approaches introduced during the module.


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Part A
Letter Analysis and Evaluation
Foremost, the letter aims to introduce the Radflight Company to the Chinese manufacturer. In this account, the letter effectively describes the company making it clear what they are involved in and the kind of partnership they would like to achieve with the Chinese firm. It also establishes the credentials, solicits for a response, uses pressure tactics, and ends politely. Bhatia (2014) states that an effectively structure letter must “establish credentials, introduce and detail the offer, indicate the value of the offer, offer incentives, solicit response, and use pressuring tactics.” While the letter seemingly addresses most of the factors Bhatia (2014) highlights as essential for an effectively structured letter, it does not detail the offer's value and does not offer incentives for Mr. Li. Secondly, the letter aims to highlight concerns regarding business malpractices involving partnership with overseas companies. While the letter highlights the concerns and is direct and makes common claims about overseas partnerships, the positive face communication strategy employed may not be suitable for the audience targeted, which is a Chinese firm, the Chinese culture embraces a negative communication strategy which focuses on the desire to be respected and freedom from imposition. While targeting the Chinese audience, it is significant that the communicator avoids being direct and making an assumption which is evident in the letter when the communicator directly mentions the risks of partnering with overseas companies and attempts to allude that the issues are common with manufacturing company.
According to Richard & McFadded (2016), Chinese audiences are likely to do business with individuals who honours their negative face communication culture. Therefore, the letter in this regard does not effectively serve its aim in communicating its concern; instead, it appears to present allegations about the overseas company, particularly those involved in manufacturing partnerships. Thirdly, the letter aims to raise concerns regarding the UK companies' public image and highlights concerns that may hurt its public image. It is important to note that the letter writer effectively adopts the positive communication strategy by embracing directness and concerns about their public image. However, the writer's stance may not be suitable to the targeted audience, and therefore, the letter should entirely aim to embrace the negative face strategy to suit the Chinese communication culture strategy. Finally, the letter does not use titles and formal language, which is a fundamental desire for negative face strategy prominent in the Chinese culture.

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