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Information System: Software Development Methodology (Coursework Sample)


the assignment was about selecting appropriate software development methodology, justifying the chosen methodology, suggesting better ways to collect and elicit user requirements , developing a project team based on the project tasks and comparing the selected methodology with other sdlc methods. tHE TASK INVOLVED ANSWERING OF PREDEFINED QUESTIONS ASSIGNED TO THE STUDENTS.



Adopted Systems Development Methodology.  3

Waterfall Methodology Main Concepts.  3

Determining User Needs & system functions.   4

Questionnaires.  4

Interviews.   4

Document Reviews.  5

Project Team members.   5

Task 5. 6

References.   7

Adopted Systems Development Methodology.
The most appropriate systems development methodology for the CQ Car rental system is the Waterfall development methodology. This is a planned methodology which has all the user requirements elicited before development starts. The project team has a clearly defined outcome. Waterfall methodology is a project management approach & system development methodology that emphasizes on a linear progression from beginning to end of a project. This methodology, often used by software engineers, is front-loaded to rely on careful planning, detailed documentation, and sequential execution. The CEO (John) outlined that the new system would just be replicating the services of the Offline system into the new system implementing all the functionalities of the previous system.
Waterfall Methodology Main Concepts.
This development approach has many advantages making it suitable for the current project to be implemented. These concepts include;
This methodology follows a sequence of activities and the development team does not move forward to other project phases without having completed previous phases (Kendall and Kendall, n.d.). This gives a rigid plan that is difficult to change. It makes it easier for the project managers to easily monitor progress and if the development team overstays in a certain phase, processes are easily reviewed to ensure that the project delivers its goals. These phases include; Requirements gathering and documentation, requirements analysis, system design, system implementation, testing, deployment (operation) and maintenance. All system requirements are elicited before they are analyzed to allow system designing to start.
Secondly, this methodology enables the development team to know the end goal early since teams develop what is documented in the requirements. Unlike other practices such as the agile development strategy that accommodates changes during the project implementation phase, this methodology saves the project many problems that may include; scope creep, changing budget and late delivery of the project. This methodology ensures that the project scope, budget and delivery time are not affected due to changing user requirements.
The waterfall methodology offers a seamless transfer of information from one

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