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Marketing Mix (Apple Vs Fitbit). Technology Coursework (Coursework Sample)


In this research, an assignment was requested based on a Marketing Mix between two competitive products, which were "Apple Watch Series-4 "and "Fitbit-2". Various aspects such as price, place, promotion, and other aspects are analysed through several points of views.


Marketing Mix
Topic: Apple Watch Series 4 and Fitbit 2
4 P’s of marketing mix can be applied to find out the strategies that Apple and Fitbit has adopted to market its product .The different strategies that it has adopted as discussed as follows:

Apple Watch Series 4

Fitbit 2


Apple’s branding strategy has always been Functional since its inception (Hobbs, 2015).  Exclusive emphasis is given to the aesthetic value thus branding it to be a luxury line of product. Further, in Functional level it is able to design technology that not only is innovative but works better and feels good. Out of Five core dimensions, which are divided into a group of facets Apple follows the Excitement as core dimension and the its facets are daring ,spirited, imaginative, up to date.

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