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Chapter Review in Music (Coursework Sample)


Chapter 10 Questions Review about music


14 April 2021
Chapter 10 Questions Review
1. Cadence-A breathing break in the music
2. Lyrics -Verbal messages set to music
3. Metaphor -A figure of speech in which one word or phrase is used to substitute for or designate another
4. Prosody -Musical qualities of language
5. Symbolism -The use of one idea to represent or stand for another
6. List the three basic messages communicated by Love Songs:
The celebration of love conveying joyous feelings
Longing for love gives hope or melancholy
Lost love conveys sadness.
7. Explain the difference between Imperfect or half Cadence and a Perfect or full cadence:
Full Cadence: A natural pause in a melodic line at the end of a thought, corresponding to the position of a period in a sentence, conveys the feeling of finality. The V7 chord progresses to the I (tonic) or home chord, signaling the music's end and the release of tension.
Half Cadence: A natural pause that occurs in the middle of a sentence, producing a temporary break that corresponds to a comma. The music comes to a halt on the V7 chord for a brief moment, giving the impression that the music is not over. It keeps the tension going; the V7 chord still needs to be resolved, but there's a sense that there is much more to come.
8. In what ways are composers Robert Schumann and Billy Joel similar:
Both were pianists and composers who wrote love songs.
Their music was popular throughout their lifetimes.
They all composed songs depicting love as everlasting and enduring. For example, the songs "Just the way you are" by Billy Joel and "Windmug" by Robert Schumann, written as a wedding gift for his wife, both express the concept of permanence.
9. What is the musical structure of Cansion Ranchera?
Rancheras' most famous musical pattern is A A B. Rancheras typically begin with an instrumental introduction, followed by one or two stanzas of text sung by the vocalist. The singer then sings additional section (B) with a different character. After that, there's a brief instrumental interlude. Before coming to an end, the song repeats the A stanzas and the B section. The vocal melody, usually the (B) part, is used to create the instrument introduction and interlude.
10. How are the Plots between Madama Butterfly and Miss Saigon similar?
Both are song stories that have become popular due to their realistic depictions of lost love.
Miss Saigon is a modern retelling of the story of Madame Butterfly.
The story follows a woman from the Asian region that falls in love with and marries an American soldier who then abandons her. She's juggling the responsibilities of single parenthood while waiting for her husband's return. Both women characters commit suicide in desperation, hoping for a good opportunity for her son in America.
11. What is a stanza?
It’s a fixed meter and rhyme scheme and consists of four or more lines. Each line should be short enough to be spoken or sung in a single breath.
12. Evaluate: Based on what you know, why do songs of lost love and the search of love outnumber songs celebrating the joys of love?
People are going through tough times all the time, owing to the prevalence of toxic relationships, broken marriages, increasing number of divorces. People value money than genuine love that leads emotional distress to those who genuinely loved them. Those heartbroken people, divorced ones, those from toxic relationships consume sad m

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