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Changing Tides II - A Telematic Trans locational Concert Report (Coursework Sample)


Your report should include the following basic information: date, venue name and location, name of the group, and (ideally) names of all the musicians and the instruments they play. Take notes as you listen to the performance. In addition to observations about the music, make observations about the venue, the general mood, and the audience makeup and any specific reactions to the music they may have. At some point in your paper you should relate your experiences and observations to the assigned course materials in some.
2 points for concert date, venue name and location, name of the group.
2 points for name instruments played (and ideally) the name of each performer.
2 points for detailed description of how many pieces were performed and further description of the music in terms of mood.
2 points for additional musical description in terminology learned in class.
2 points for description of venue, audience demographic and reaction.
About the concert:
More than 150 people, some people had to stand because there were not enough seats. It started at 7:30 pm with 5 performers in San Diego with the background sound (like Korean strange vocals) . After the piece ended, it was a telematic translocational concert with 6 other performers in Seoul. Both performers in San Diego and Seoul played together for 6 pieces, each piece ended with applause.
My professor: Mark Dresser also played in the concert.
Here is the video about the concert:
I will upload mp3 recorded concert by email


Changing Tides II - A Telematic Trans locational Concert Report
On February 13, 2020, I joined the Changing Tides II - A Telematic Trans locational Concert located in Conrad Prebys Music Center Experimental Theater of UC San Diego campus. As soon as I stepped out of the bus, I understood that the concert would remain unlike from the pop music performances I used to attend. I was also amazed by the décor and the number of audiences assembled in the theater. The theater had around one hundred and fifty people already seated, and I had to stand because there were no additional seats. The walls of the theater were in the gold lining and flowery borders, which brightened the otherwise structurally acoustic hall. I did stand into a position which was, unfortunately, all the way in the last row of the theater hall. In my standing position, enabled me to see the movements of the musicians. The place also enabled made me examine the energy each musician put in the music and the overall cohesiveness of the whole concert. Also, I could hear how the instrument worked together. The purpose of the show was to respond to the ideas of the climate crisis, tides, and shifting climate patterns. 

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