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Description Of Odysseus And Sire Vase Painting Coursework (Coursework Sample)


This task is related to arts field in which the description of symposium is given with

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Participant of Athenian symposium:
There had been various participants or symposiors who join at the symposium (drinking party) which usually held at andron which was the men’s quarter in household. Symposiums were often held at peculiar events for discussing the philosophical minds of serious matters as well as the discussion went around discussing love what is more is around the gender differences. Thus, participants from their day to day monotonous routines and tensions get relief here in such an entertainment. The overview of the participants being present at each symposium event can be as:
* There were twelve to fourteen members invited to the symposium
* As well as the flute girls and slave boys who entertain the guests
* The makers of wine the Selinis who were thought to be the companions of god Dionysus
* Aristocrats and the noble class women also joined as guests
Hence, the total of the symposium moved around these members present at the event.
Narrator: as the slave
The portrayal of the symposium with the event of gathering and drinking on the central theme of discussion as being depicted by the siren vase as placed in the center where krater was placed, would be done by the slave as the narrator of the event and discussion going around as the slave is that observing figure who manages with each guest in the event.
Plot of symposium by a slave
The aristocrat host invites the guests for feast at his own place after bumping them into the great public meeting place at Athens. And the guests which then aristocrats had to observe the etiquettes of attending the symposium by being dressed well and bathed however of relaxed invitation, but the aristocrats consistently observed these rituals to be present there as it was inappropriate to attend the symposium in dusty and sweaty fashion.
We the slaves were ordered to design and set the andron or the males room with furnishing styles on the walls of the room to make it more attractive to the guests as it was the attractive and fancy center of the aristocrat Greek homes. To honor the guests the owner of symposia orders us to paint the walls with bright colors, couches and seating place was the well-crafted pieces. Then the moment came when I welcomed the guests, they then enter and see the place around while making good comments about the decoration of symposium. I and the other slaves make them put off their sandals and wash their hands. Then, after showing them their place to be seated and recline upon the feast begins. The dinner as the Diponon would be served with cheese and garlic as basic elements and no cutlery or napkins available but the slices of bread to wipe of their fingers which then thrown off to their household dogs. Being the slave, it was to serve the guests with their desirable demands. After the dinner slaves along with me carried away the tables and tied up the room so the real purpose of the eve would begin.
The kraters were filled with the decided amounts of wine and water mixing to be served by us to the guest aristocrats usually we served the single cup around and refill it when it ends. The wine that was used by the Greeks at that time was particularly the mixture of water and wine otherwise pure wine intake was considered as the uncivilized way. Taking it thrice at a time was consider a good one otherwise, it was indecent too when the limit exceeds. Albeit of the decency of taking thrice only, also was not such a manner that was in restrictiveness to be followed by the Greeks generally.
Vase selected: siren vase
Now beginning with the main theme of discussion of symposium the Odysseus and siren vase was placed at the center of symposium initiating the philosophical minds to the discussion for the respect of the order of goddess cerci to Odysseus after returning from the war of Trojan while passing through the sea of sirens who in the form of birds with beautiful female faces engage the passerby to them and kill them to death while singing in beautiful praising voices. So, the Odysseus waxed his crew in their ears so that they could not distract from voyage course with praising songs of sirens near island of sirens in sea. But Odysseus tied himself around the mast of ship by his coworkers. So that he may not let himself plunge into the sea to reach towards sirens. Thus, this drinking jar of sirens depicted story was made the central point of discussion at symposium and the aristocrats praised his obedience of goddess and the bravery as well as the consistency of his attitude of achieving his goal of no distractions towards way home by the beautiful feminine faces.
It was observed by me as refilling the cups of aristocrats with wine and water mixture and noticing the philosophical thinking over the issue some guests also critique the act of Odysseus that he may have enjoyed the praising songs. But overall the myth of siren vase turned to be good topic for discussion as it discussed the male valor and the feminine beauty as well as the character of beauty which hides the purpose of destruction and killing in disguise. This thing was uplifted as with relation of aristocrats with politics and the anxieties it brings to the politicians as they had to go with consistent preview of the ambitions to be carried out and the damaging roots which lead to unknown path of deterioration. The aristocrats were enjoying the wines and women as well as the dances and the sound of flutes but did not diverted for their philosophical interpretations about the mythology being presented to them for arguments.
Some of the aristocrats were drinking and enjoying, we the slaves maintaining the furnished decorum of symposium and setting each guest to their choices of matter. The vase was appreciated in its mythology and listening to the intellectual debate some were of the view of despair that they could no longer be the real heroes like Odysseus but other positive guests let them into the light of hope that however we could not be the heroes of our time but we ca manage to do the acts of bravery and intellect in the todays matters of politic and handling the aristocracies thus making out public be happy from their nobles.
Slaves were not allowed to get engaged in the debates of other aristocrats, but we discussed this mythology within our group praising the idea of myth. The prostitutes at the symposium were entertaining the aristocrats increasing the sensualizing of the n...
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