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Media Analysis Communications & Media Coursework Essay (Coursework Sample)


Media analysis aNd SOCIAL ILLS


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Media Analysis
Incidences of mass shootings have been on the rise in the United States. The research follows a mass shooting event that took place in North Carolina for over five days. The unfortunate event qualifies as a homicide since it involved the murder of six family members on Sunday, 15th Mar 2020. A teenage son informed the police of one of the victims who hid in a closet and engaged 911 until help arrived. However, the victim managed to kill himself before the police got to him. However, the act was not a surprise considering that the victim had been accused of two cases of assault in 1993 and 2003, although no punishment was given. A careful analysis of the case reveals that mental health issues are rampant in the United States. If left unattended, a lot of damage could happen, considering the gun laws in the United States. People need to be subjected to a mental health checkup to determine whether they are suitable for gun ownership.
Since the event took place in a closed community, it was not widely covered by the media. However, I followed the event over five days. It was found that how the media outlets covered the story differed in terms of tone, lengths, and content. The news outlets included The News & Observer, US. News, The U.S SUN, and Chatham News-Record. The platform that covered the story in great depth is the Chatham News record published by ZACHARY HORNER AND CASEY MANN on 20th March 2020. The outlet not only covers the actual event but also creates a vivid description of the event, including what is known about the victim from the past. In the course of these investigations, the news piece acknowledges that the victim, Larry Ray conducted the shooting in two separate homes, although they are close together where he even ended up shooting his wife and mother in law. The media outlet also reveals that Larry Ray had a history of assault, considering that he had been found guilty in 1993 and 2003. His family had also reported being uncomfortable with his behavior in the past.

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