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A Close Shave: How I Escaped Death by a Whisker. Coursework (Coursework Sample)


a creative composition on a day i will live to always remember.


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A Close Shave: How I escaped Death by a Whisker
Life is a rollercoaster. Life is basically a sequel of events, with us human beings as the main characters controlling these events. Each of these events have an outcome; either positive or negative. Outcomes resulting from events pertinent to life have the capability of influencing the way we act, make decisions, interact with other people around us and basically how we live life henceforth from that defining moment of occurrence. The magnitude of influence that these events have in one’s life most definitely varies. There are those events whose occurrence makes a long lasting impression and significantly changes the course of one’s life. Then there are those whose relevance cannot be quantified as being worth consideration. Almost everyone can relate to some event of the past that holds a focal point to the current status of life. In my case, the life changing event happened about five years ago and lives on to influence the person I currently am.
Vivid memories of that fateful night when it all happened flash in my mind as if it just happened yesterday. The sunset through my window that evening was the best thing I had ever seen; the fading sun in the horizon was reflected vibrantly on the ocean waters (Imagery). I was lying on the king-sized bed in the king hotel room that I shared with a cousin while on vacation with the entire extended family. The resort we were residing at was a Garden of Eden. Winds swirled around our residence whistling loudly to an awesome tune. 

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