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A Serious Case of Deja Vu in My Life Writing Assignment (Coursework Sample)


Writing a creative piece on a serious case of deja vu that ever OCCURRED in your life and you still remember to date.

Wycliffe Ganira
Professor’s Eleanor Jamabo
English 109
4th January 2017
A moment in my life when I experienced a serious Deja vu
More often than not, we encounter instances in our lives that tend to create a distinct memory in our minds. This is known as a déjà vu. When it occurs, it seems to spark our memory of a place we have already been, a person we have seen or even an activity that we have already done CITATION Orl10 \l 1033 (Orloff). A déjà vu tends to draw an individual’s attention to the current situation in a peculiar manner that seems to be driving a particular message home.
Personally, I have experienced déjà vus several times. I must admit that in all scenarios, it was as clear as the rising sun in the summer sky that I had experienced what was happening. However, to date, there is this particular, or rather, special déjà vu that still lingers in my mind.
During my college years as an undergraduate, I always hopped and jumped from one unsuccessful relationship to another. It seemed like I could not find a perfect match for my liking. However, somehow at the back of my mind I knew that I would meet my match during my third year at campus and that would definitely be the lady I would tie the knot with. This thought was so distinct that I even knew I would meet her in the library.
During my second year, I decided to focus on my studies totally. This however was short-lived. I found myself in yet another relationship that took the same path as the previous ones. “After all that is how they all end up”, I consoled myself.
Déjà vus are very real. This is how it occurred to me that I had a very serious case of déjà vu that I live to even write about. It was one of those Sunday afternoons before examination period that everyone was engrossed in their books. Friends would be scarce and one’s companion would be their books. I decided to find a conducive place to study for the ‘phenomenology of religion’ paper that had given me sleepless nights throughout the semester. That would be the library.
The library was always packed to the brim at such times and finding sitting space was as difficult as locating a precious pebble dropped in the sea. I however had to find space by all means. I heaved with a sigh of relief when I locate...
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