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Why Curt Flood's suing of Major League baseball is justified in A Well Paid Slave (Coursework Sample)


This sample was an answer to a question whereby I was asked to write a review of the novel,a well paid slave.

Why Curt Flood's suing of Major League baseball is justified in A Well Paid Slave
Date: 04/08/2012
That curt flood fought hard for his freedom to play for the team of his choice and to be enlisted in the hall of fame is very much justified. The real problem with people who start to work when they are very young is that they may sign up for deals that will make them slaves, albeit well paid ones. The classical case occurs everywhere and one of these cases is Michael Jackson and the Sony records. To want to entangle themselves from this mess is usually hard because the opinion is that whatever outfit is the one that made them famous.
The controversial court case in the 1960s was well justified. This is because the player should not only play for money but also for self fulfillment. Seeing that ones talent is misused to enrich a certain individual or outfit is not a pleasing situation. The desire for Curt Flood to remain in his team, The St. Louis Cardinals, was disregarded when he was forced to leave it for The Philadelphia Phillies. His determined fight for freedom of choice changed the world of baseball and indeed the whole world of sports significantly. No longer were players to be peddled around like they never had a choice where to go (1).
Curt Flood’s decision to sue Major League basketball was indeed very brave. Not only would it put his career as a baseball player in jeopardy but it was suing a major industry which could have been a disastrous failure if he did not win the case. Even though flood lost the case in Supreme Court, his challenging the system and how it worked at the time changed everything.
Curt flood was ready to sacrifice his career to fight for his freedom and his beliefs.evn though he never became a legendary player in the leagues of Muhammad Ali and the others, he will go down in history as the man who stood for his rights and eventually created a tangible change in basket ball policies. In the old times, when a player was posted to another team, they either had to go to the team or just retire. This was not only a tyrannical and imposing rule but it made players into slaves who had no choice. The players could not also have attachments to team mates and they could not form healthy relationships because they were just highly paid slaves who had to follow all instructions without question.
Curt led to the creation of free agency baseball. Before this, players were bound by the reverse clause that bound them to one team for life. They also had anti trust exemption and all those other issues that prevented them from choosing where they wanted to play. As such, the world of baseball in the 1960s was a slavery enterprise in which the players just did so for money and for their teams to gain wealth and popularity. The aspect of free will was disregarded completely.
In most cases, such a lawsuit brings a lot of wrath from the employer. It is viewed as the ultimate betrayal and they go to all costs to win the case. This was no exception because after a long and brave fight, Curt Flood lost the case in Supreme Court. This however created a huge impact in the world. Not only did it pave ways for more flexible rules and policies in base ball playing but it also led to the allowance of free agency playing. Curt’s lawsuit may have not been profitable on a personal level and it might have cost him dearly in terms of money but it changed a whole world of thinking (1).
This was one single man who was determined to fight against a system and create change no matter how much opposition he faced. His lifelong battle against racism and injustice only matches that of Jackie Robinson (1). The book is a well arranged sequel to show the humble beginnings of Curt flood and his rise to the prestigious St. Louis Cardinals player he was. He had been racially segregated and insulted in the field severally and this fired up his desire to fight for freedom, albeit being the sacrificial lamb.
Unfair discrimination was what led this man to sue the Major League Baseball despite his rare chances of winning (1). The taking away of his choice to play for which team was not only a sin against humanity but also a degradation of his rights as a human being. This kind of situation will never again happen in paid baseball and other games because this one man stood up and fought for his right.
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