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SWOT Analysis of Leadership Development Plan (Coursework Sample)


This task was about creating and implementing a plan for personal improvement. I took the following steps to create a personal development plan for a client. The first part is about the goals of the client as well as my advice for him/ her. The second part was about the strengths and weaknesses of the client and a plan to develop them. The third part was about the steps that I had taken to help the client, so he/ she can take the same steps. The last part is about what result I got from this task and what are the next steps. This task was designed to help the client to create a personal development plan. It told the client what to do first and then I summarized my advice to him/ her. Before I start to write about the strengths and weaknesses of the client I want to tell what are the three parts of my task. These are about goals, strengths and weaknesses, next steps of the task. Possible steps for strengthening your weaknesses can be.


My Leadership Development Plan
Career Goals
1. Finish university degree, which is the most important and urgent goal for now. A degree certificate will empower me to advance my leadership skills and knowledge in reputable companies.
2. Own and manage a transportation business. Owning a transport business will provide an opportunity to apply and advance my knowledge on leadership.
3. Enroll for a professional leadership program apart from a bachelor degree. Extra professional training will actualize a chance to enhance my areas of weaknesses in regards to my leadership capability.
Leadership Strengths/Weakness


1. Dedicated. I give my all in whatever I decided to do. I redirect all my energy and resources to something I commit to accomplishing.

1. Too much focus on details. I am a perfectionist in everything I do. I like getting the finer points of something before embarking on an action. This weakness causes me too much time than necessary on small tasks.

2. Determined. I am strongly results-driven and look for the final goal regardless of the cost involved to complete a task.

2. Lack of confidence- I experience difficulty standing before a crowd. I lack the inner coverage to address people in a team. This weakness hinders learning through interaction with other people.

3. Respectful. I strongly believe in mutual respect for one another. I accord every person I am dealing with the respect they deserve regardless of their position.

3. Inability to say no- I find it difficult to decline a request from another person even when I do not feel like cooperating. I fear offending people by saying no. This weakness causes me to lose many resources, especially time.

4. Motivated. I draw energy to do something from inside, thus hard to be discouraged by my failures on the way.

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