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Discussion:Concerned About Formal Education in School (Coursework Sample)


THE TASK WAS ABOUT DISCUSSION CONCERNING FORMAL EDUCATION IN SCHOOL. FROM THE DISCUSSION THE WRITER WAS REQUIRED TO DISCUSS HOW IT HAS BEEN AFFECTED BY covid-19 pandemic.. Educational Trends in OECD Countries,Analyses of Education in America, definitions of various terms such as charter school, school vouchers and headstart .


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Week 9 - Discussion Forum 1
1 Formal Education
Formal education refers to structured learning activities conducted within schools and guided by a standard curriculum developed by teachers (Mooney et al. 278).  2) Earnings Premium
Earnings premium implies that having a college degree has more benefits than not qualifying. 3) Social Reproduction
Social reproduction refers to replicating or repeating the social class structure through generations.4) Multicultural Education
Multicultural education refers to education that incorporates all ethnic and racial groups, hence advocating for the appreciation of cultural diversity 5) Self-fulfilling Prophecy
Self-fulfilling prophecy refers to the attuning of behavior in compliance with the expectations of other people. 6) Cultural Competence
In the context of education, cultural competence refers to the awareness and acknowledgement of different cultural groups for better student-teacher interactions.
1. Educational Trends in OECD Countries
The main trends include changes in reforms, especially in instructional time. For instance, several OECD countries have extended the time that children are in school. OECD countries have recognized the economic and social benefits of education; hence, they spend approximately $11,200 yearly on each pupil for education purposes. The ratio of student-teacher in OECD countries is also less than 15.1, which necessitates the employment of more teachers (Mooney et al. 280). The region is more optimistic about young adults as 45 percent of this generation has completed college. Overall, OECD countries recognize the importance of education and are enacting reforms for improved education within the region.
2. Analyses of Education in America
Structural Functionalist
The structural-functionalist perspective recognizes education as an important aspect of society, and most social problems are a product of the educational system to meet these basic functions.
The conflict perspective of education maintains that education adheres to the social reproduction process. In other words, education is for the elite and not equally distributed.
Symbolic Interactionalism Perspectives
The symbolic interaction view emphasizes the macro-level aspects, including power relations, institutional factors, and symbolic interaction. The perspective is concerned with small-group problems.
Week 9 - Discussion Forum 2
1) Cultural Imperialism
Cultural imperialism refers to the doctrinarian or imposing a dominant culture in a particular society. 2) Head Start
Head start is a program aiming to sponsor preschool children from disadvantaged backgrounds to start education. The program incorporates educational, social, and parental involvement services. 3) Bilingual Education
Bilingual education refers to the education curriculum that emphasizes teaching using two languages. 4) Charter Schools
Character schools are institutions that focus on ethical and moral factors (Mooney et al. 312). 5) Parent Trigger Laws
Parent trigger laws are a section of the state law that permits parents to take part in their children’s learning processes. 6) School Vouchers
School vouchers refer to government-sponsored scholarships given to parents to sponsor students who qualify to join private schools (Mooney et al. 313).
Factors that Contributed to the COVID-19 Strains
Several factors affected

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