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Advantages Of Playing On Competition Among Children (Coursework Sample)


THis sample is to compare the advantages of playing on COMPETITION among children.

Children Need to Play, not Compete
Competitive sports that are designed for the children that are below the age of 12 years tend to have a negative effect on the sociological as well as the psychological well-being of such kids. The competitive sports tend to entail both the physical and non-physical contact among the children and the results of these games are that they result in detrimental impacts to our children. Consequently, the following essay will explore why it is preferred to have the children to play but not engage in competitive games. Competitive games are believed to affect the children emotionally, physically and also sociologically.
Several sports activities that tend to appear very thrilling and quite adored by scores of people involve physical interaction among the participating groups. For instance, judo and soccer games make it possible for the players tostruggle, tangle and also challenge each. Players who are driven by the motive to emerge as winners are more prone to act in anirresponsible manner thus resulting tohurts. Consequently, children are more susceptible to a higherpossibility of sustaining the injuries at time ofaggressive games. Though in some games such as soccer and rugby the injuries are common, the cases of injuries for young children players is likely to be higher because the body structure of these kids is yet to be fully developed (Ferguson et al., p.123). Moreover, there is the concern ofenduring injuries caused other players. When I was a teenager, I had passion in football and I was fully aware that I had a talent in soccer, however, I feared because my fellow older teammates could injure me intentionally as they strive to defend their team. Injuries in games have the effect of resulting in permanent damage that cannot be reversed.
Secondly, competing games can cause severe injuries due to the immaturity and misunderstandings among the children. At the time of competition, accidental injuries are usually common, but when it occurs in children when they are competing, rivalry tends to emerge and it is extended even outside the pitch. Off- pitch rivalry among the children hampers friendship growth and development and therefore it fosters intolerance among the developing kids. The emergence of such scenarios is not adepiction of the right kind of the sportsmanship and therefore children should be encouraged to play but not compete against each other. It is clear that children that fall below the age of 12 years lack the ability to comprehend the accountabilities expected to them and for that reason, subjecting these children to competitive games will be ruining them emotionally, physically and also sociologically (Bodrova et al., p.38).
Organized competitive games have the potential to result in psychological trauma among children. Competitive sports activities are highly correlated with the psychological impacts that tend to affect adversely the health of the professional sports players that have alreadygone through psychological management and counseling. Subjecting our children in situations that will demand them to compete against each other is likely to cause psychological trauma among the children since children are emotionally unstable.
Competitive sports are characterized by two features, a loser, and winner. Children who are engaged in competitive games experience ahigh level of pressure. The pressure mostly emanates from the team coaches and also from the parents which eventually masks the chief objective of the game which is fun (Axline, p.56). Most of the children who participate in competitive games usually participate out of pressure but not according to their will.Subsequently, they end up becoming stressed and dull due to pressure intense pressure that they experience. First, they worried about upsetting their parents who might view them as losers if they turn to be losers. Next, they compelled to interact with teammates that do not share true talents and also interest. In case they are unfortunate and tend to lose in the competitive games, the latter tend to become frustrated and frightened thus making them av...
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