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Frequency of Tornadoes Coursework Writing Assignment (Coursework Sample)


the task was about frequency of tornadoes and its relationship to geographical location within the continent.

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1 Is there a relationship between a state’s geographical location within the continent and its frequency of tornadoes?
Tornadoes occurs when the atmospheric conditions favors it. Now, in terms of state’s geographical location within the continent and its frequency of tornadoes, there exist those parts of the world which are more prone to tornadoes than others. Those global geographical locations within the middle latitudes that fall between 20° and 50° North or South provide the most favorable environment for formation of tornadoes (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). This middle latitude between about 20° and 50° North or South is the region where polar air which is cold meets the sub-tropical air which is warmer hence generating a convective precipitation along the collision boundaries. Additionally, the middle latitude air flows at different speeds and also the directions at different troposphere levels, hence favoring the occurrence of a rotation in a storm chamber. All these nations that experience tornadoes have something in common: they lie on either sides of the equator in the middle latitude about 20° to 50°.
2 Could a state’s topography have an effect on its tornado frequency?
Topography is one of the factors that influence the formation as well as the strength of tornadoes. For instance, the United States of America have so many more tornadoes as compared to other countries and the distinction is as a result of geography, climatology and topology factors. By reviewing the United States, it has abundance of flat, low lying geographical regions as well as a climate that is favorable to thunderstorms that are intense which triggers tornadoes because they form during thunderstorms (Friedman 1).
3 Alaska only has 3 reported tornadoes. Considering it is such a large state, why do you think it has such an extremely low number of tornadoes?
To begin with, differences in winds and air temperatures are some of the main factors that can trigger severe storms that produce rain, hail and tornadoes. Cold weather plays a role in suppressing the number of tornadoes; persistent cold temperatures help keep tornado activity low. Now, a tornado forms when a hot air front and cold air front hits each other, however based on Alaska’s climatic condition, there exist no or extremely less hot air front. The state snows more often meaning it is a cold state, it does not get many thunderstorms and it does not have a source of hot moist hair to create a strong thermal contrast. Such severe conditions evident in the state of Alaska alter occurrences of tornadoes.
4 Every year, tornadoes cause millions of dollars of damage. What practical suggestions could you make to lessen this toll?
The practical suggestions that I could make to lessen this toll are;
* Implementing or improving forecasting and effective early warning systems for tornado formation.
* Building strong safe rooms to protect the area occupants from tornadoes. In addition, buildings and structures that could be used as safe rooms could be identified in the area.
* Building strong infrastructures that cannot be damaged in case tornado hits a building or areas people live. In addition, reinforcing vulnerable areas of your house.
* Being alert to the onset of severe weather; most of the deaths and injuries happen to the people who are unaware and uninformed. Ignore the weather because of indifference or overconfidence may not perceive the danger. Therefore, it is advisable for people to stay aware and they will stay alive. Watching or listening to the weather report regularly helps one get the weather forecast and any tornadoes warnings issued.
* Creating and practicing a plan of action for your family by discussing where and how to seek shelter duri...
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