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Network Switching Process Configuration Coursework (Coursework Sample)


discuss the Variables to be Considered in the Configuration of network switching Process.

Switching Process
The operation of networks is based on the appropriate selection or choice of configuration. The personnel who are in charge of the issues of networking should be well informed on the key principles of its working (Porter 283). Some of these issues are port duplex mode and port speed. These two elements play a vital task in the process of networking and have to be comprehended by the administrators in details. Various factors have to be taken into focus when configuring the switch port with these elements.
Variables to be Considered in the Configuration Process
In the process of configuring switches to the port speeds, various variables are considered. The switch should be subjected to login using the Telnet command. This is conducted basing on the switch and the chosen port speed. The next step involves the use of en command in enabling privileged EXEC. The Conf T is then used in the achievement of global configuration process. Interface fa0/?? is then done followed by entering the speed that has been chosen. Finally, the performance of Ctrl z is obeyed, and copy run is allowed (Porter 285). Enter is then pressed as a confirmation of the file name destination. Besides, the adoption of a second method can be possible in the configuration process. The first step involves the con t which is followed by int g0/9. The port speed is then entered, and then end is pressed. This procedure is finalized by wr mem. On the other hand, configuration of the switch with the duplex port is dependent on the nature of the port to be used. Three duplex modes influence the process of configuration with the switches. These include the full-duplex mode, half-duplex mode, and auto negotiation mode. Full-duplex mode is capable of sending and receiving packets in a simultaneous manner. The Interfaces that operate using the half-duplex mode send and receive packets in a way that is not simultaneous (Stanciu 58). Those interfaces that operate using the auto negotiation mode verify their duplex mode by means of this mode. In the configuration process, the administrators should ensure that the ends are connected correctly. This is significant in the elimination of the chances of mismatch.
Settings to Be Performed on the Switch
The presence of a mismatch between the switch port and the duplex could result into significant damages. The correct duplet setting should be chosen for the switch ports. Both ends should be allowed to negotiate the settings automatically. The setting needs to be executed in a way that enables the use of half-duplex for auto negotiation. One end of the switch should be configured to the full duplex, while the other end is auto negotiated to the half duplex. Setting of the ...
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