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Efficiency of a Solar Cell by Addition of Layers of Copper Sulfate (Coursework Sample)


Mechanical engineering, Must be for PV solar cells.
an introduction
Solar energy is the most important source of renewable energy during the next century. Therefore, many countries allocate funds for developing products and research for the exploitation of solar energy as the most important alternative sources of energy for oil and gas.Photovoltaic and this source of energy is the hope of developing countries to develop and does not require the production of electricity from solar energy to centralized generation, but it is produced and used in the same place and this will save a lot of transportation costs in addition to it is a free source of fuel that does not beat andJ also clean energy does not produce any kind of environmental pollution.
But the high temperature is one of the most important obstacles facing solar cells in hot regions, and this is what we will try to overcome in this message.
Research objective
A study to improve the efficiency of solar cells by making a description of the capacity of the cell over the course and recording the characteristics of the cell, and then studying ways to improve this performance by adding a layer of copper sulfate that absorbs the heat of the sun and permits the penetration of sunlight only into the cell
A) Characterization of the performance of the solar cell
B) Adding layers of copper sulfate with different thicknesses and different concentrations
C) I extract the properties of the cell after adding the layers
Search steps
A) Connect the cell.
B) Measure the cell output throughout the hours of the day.
C) Manufacturing a layer of copper sulfate and adding it to the cell.
D) Measuring the cell output after adding the layer throughout the day.
C‌) Find the relationship between the cell output and the ambient temperature.
H‌) Find the relationship between cell output and air humidity.
G) Explaining the effect of adding copper sulfate layer on the cell efficiency.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Improvement of the Efficiency of a Solar Cell by Addition of Layers of Copper Sulfate
This research aims at improving the efficiency of a solar cell by first determining its performance capacity without any alteration and making a comparison of its improvement through the addition of layers of copper sulfate. Copper sulfate is known to absorb heat from the sun and allow solar energy to penetrate through a solar cell. The solar cell in this context is the primary source of generating electrical power. It is used at the initial block in the development of the module. During the manufacture of each solar module, the cells are required and should perform simultaneously. The copper sulfate acts as a semi-conductor, and its general effect is the addition of the output. The copper sulfate in this experiment is manufactured in the laboratory by reacting sulfuric acid with copper wire.
The initial step in the experiment is the connection of the solar cell as a power source such that its hourly output can be measured throughout the day. Consequently, the hourly output of the cell is then measured and recorded for the whole day. After

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