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Project to Remodel and Modernize Cascade Rail Tunnel (Coursework Sample)


this task required that i select an actual engineering project and write a project management paper. the paper required identification of a project and all resources that are required to complete it. i had to create the project budget, milestones and gantt chart that extrapolates the project timeline. i selected renovation of the cascade tunnel for the project.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Project to Remodel and Modernize Cascade Rail Tunnel
Summary of Project
This project intends to remodel and modernize the Cascade railway channel. The Cascade railway tunnel passes underneath Cascade mountain ranges in Washington. This infrastructure has remained neglected, obscured and appears ancient in the modern age. The project will be completed within 12 months, starting on November 26th to December 7th. At the end of the project, the state of Washington will have a fully modernized and spacious railway channel with complete ramp structures, pedestrian walkways and a pleasant space for commuters and rail road operators.
Project Objectives
This project aims:
1 To expand the railway channel- The project will enlarge the channel dimensions from its original 16ft width and 21ft height to a 33ft wide and 28ft high channel with pedestrian walkways. The lead engineer will undertake rigorous site assessment to determine the attainability of this objective.

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