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Annotated Bibliography. Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


You will select one of the poems to write about and compose a close reading research essay utilizing at least 2 academic articles. A close reading entails going through the poem or story line by line in order to explain and analyze it. Often, in order to understand the wider significance of a work of literature, you must do some research about it. An annotated bibliography is one way in which you can organize your research. An annotated bibliography is just simply a lengthier, more descriptive works cited page and it takes the place of the works cited page so only the one annotated bibliography is needed. The annotated bibliography should be included as the last page of your essay just as a works cited page would (but it does not count toward the minimum page length). The annotated bibliography not only lists each book/article/website or other source but also describes what type of information each contains and how that information could be used in the particular essay you will be writing. First write the citation for each source you are using. Then, underneath each citation you will write at least three sentences describing what information is contained within that source and how it may be useful to your essay. You will need at least two academic sources compiled in an annotated bibliography for this assignment and for all of your essays.


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Annotated Bibliography
Manuel, C. (2017). Mule Bone: Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston's Dream Deferred of the Black Word's African-American Theatre. African American Review, 35(1), 77-92. DOI:10.2307/2903336
The author of this article portrays the identity mark that, when used, it would not demean Africans Americans. He illustrates how the authors with similar themes differed on identifying Africans without them feeling belittled (Carme 77-92). 

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