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The Romantic Era. Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The Romantic Era


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The Romantic Era
The Romantic era or Romanticism is a celebrated period in the memory of many for its gigantic energy, passion, and character. The robust forms of classical and highlife music dissolved into a greater expression of human artistic capabilities. Music essentially grew and dissolved into artistic forms of playwrights and theatre that transformed the literature of the time (Greenblatt par. 1). The romantic period is relatively short as compared to other artistic, literary timelines, yet it is quite complex to date. According to Schmidt (452), various scholars identify the beginnings and endings of this epoch in very different lifespans, though these dates often coincide with great literary, socio-political, economic, and cultural events. While Romanticism in itself as a period, literally focused on a few celebrated artists of the time, scholars of the 21st century have expanded their scope to embrace many diverse events, great authors, music composers, and comedy, as well as the genres of writings within this enigmatic period. For purposes of clarity, Romanticism in its essence has very little to do with romance as the popular thinking of the 21st century seem to suggest, although love may have featured substantially in the manifestations of Romantic artefacts (Schmidt 452).

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