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Tarfutte on Hypocrisy and Religion. Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The paper is an MLA literature paper written on religion about Tarfutte on Hypocrisy and Religion


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20th October 2018
Tarfutte on Hypocrisy and Religion
Hypocrisy and religion are among the main themes in Tartuffe. After identifying a scene that depicts strong religious connotations discuss the following
What is your interpretation in terms of hypocrisy and religion?
According to the novel tarfutte, we find that the main character of the book is against all he preaches that is he is the total opposite of what is expected of him, his hideous actions definitely contradicts the Catholic values that he preaches. The preacher defines himself to be holy, but at the same time, he is greedy and lustful which shows his hypocrisy in religion which can be very dangerous and infectious.

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