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Barbie Doll Poem by Marge Piercy Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The task was to write a short analysis of the Marge piercy's poem barbie doll. The sample answers the task requirements. Additionally, the task required direct quotes from the poem


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Barbie Doll Poem Analysis
The Barbie Doll poem written by Marge Piercy explores the struggles of a normal girl that grows with dolls, pretend makeup, and small irons and stoves. The poem takes an exciting turn when the girl is made fun of by another pubescent child, indicating that she has fat legs and a big nose. Therefore, the once average child was directed to diet and exercise, although she was healthy and intelligent. The poem continues to show how societal expectations pressure the girl to dislike everything about herself. Finally, the poem ends with the girl cutting her nose and legs. Therefore, the girl ironically fulfills the societal expectations, making the society accepts her.

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