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The Matrix Movie Review on Modernism Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Analyze the film you watched this week by using three terms from modernism (defined in weeks 1 and 2) that are applicable to the film, and three terms from weeks 5 and 6. Discuss how the characters are developed (or not), the way the camera moves (cinematography), the sounds, the shot juxtaposition (editing), and the scenes themselves to highlight the different ways race and ethnicity is depicted, portrayed, and represented. Focus more specifically on characterization, theme, and dialogue/action for your examples.
Your paper should be a minimum of 300 words and be written in proper paragraph form. Your assignment must be in MLA format and you must quote or paraphrase and properly cite each work at least once. For this assignment, you do not need to include a Works Cited page. Before submitting your paper, please review the Guidelines for Written Work on the Syllabus & Course Info page.
Submit a copy to this assignment dropbox, as well as a copy to the Turnitin dropbox below.


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Movie Review on Modernism
The film I watched this week was The Matrix. The film portrays a potential in which realism alleged by creatures is the Matrix: overexcited truth formed by sentient apparatus to appease and suppress the human inhabitants. At the same time, their cadaver's heat and electrical motion are used as a power supply. Upon noticing this, computer programmer Neo is strained into a mutiny hostile to the machinery. In Postmodern consideration, understanding The Matrix often references Baudrillard's beliefs to display that the film is a parable for modern-day familiarity in an extensively commercialized, media-driven civilization, particularly in the urbanized nations. (Mark, 2016). This power was conveyed to the public's concentration in the writings of art historians such as Griselda Pollock and movie philosophers like Heinz-Peter Schwerfel.

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