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The Field of Dreams (Coursework Sample)


Please use citation for each question of sources provided
1. Field of Dreams (Robinson, 1989) brings us back to "Shoeless" Joe Jackson - whom we saw in Week 1 and the 1919 World Series. This film was an instant hit for many reasons. It had brought in fantasy, something not seen in baseball films since Damn Yankees (Abbott and Donen,1960). Building on Briley's article (admittedly written for another era), how does Field of Dreams fit at course's end? Moreover, does a such as, "If you build it, they will come" really say it all? Field of Dreams does have a Fenway connection. Is this accidental? Reflect a bit on what Briley says that merges into the full contextualization of Field of Dreams. Offer your analysis here in 200 words (and have a little fun with all of this,
2.Scenario: Back to Joe Jackson both this week and in Module 1 (Eight Men Out). As we know he was among the players banned for life. Petitions are frequently circulated requesting his reinstatement for Hall of Fame eligibility. So far he not gotten a reprieve. Role play for the moment that you are the Commissioner of Baseball. Fans continue submitting petitions and letters along with favorable lobbying from some baseball writers. Would you lift the ban on Jackson? Why or why not? 100 words
3. Building on Briley's article on baseball and WWII (admittedly written for another era), how does Field of Dreams fit at course's end? Important figures like President Franklin Roosevelt and NYC Mayor Fiorello La Guardia saw the game as quite important. Why? Offer your answer in 100 words.


Field of Dreams
Question One
It brings imagination to baseball, because like a novel, people can find a way to escape, and baseball is a way to escape from everyday life. Like the protagonist Ray Kinsella played by Kevin Costner, when he and his family were struggling to pay off the mortgage, he was able to put it aside and heard a voice saying: "If you build this, they will come" (The Field of Dreams, 19). I cannot say that this sentence can explain all the baseball content, but I think it may remind the audience to return to the way of baseball.
Ray Liotta's character Joe Jackson, without shoes, described details such as "games, sounds, and smells." Do you all put the ball or glove on your face? ("The Field of Dreams," 19). I do not think this is a coincidence because I think it helps the plot. Using it in dreams, he and Annie will make sure that the audience understands that he is not crazy. The plot extends from his encounter with other people to the point where he meets Archibald "Moonlight" Graham simply because the scoreboard is full of Statistics.
Question Two
I think this movie is nearing its end because it reminds us that baseball is an eternal sport. "Other sports have flourished in a short season and then gradually faded out of people's vision. The next season is expected to regain people's interest. Baseball has attracted public attention both inside and outside this season" (Brailey, 18 years old). Even President Franklin Roosevelt thought this game was crucial to him because he also saw people eager to escape. He believes that people "have opportunities to rest and get off work" (Briley, 21).
Shoeless Joe Jackson (Joe Jackson) achieved incredible success in his short career and made outstanding baseball contributions. Despite his notoriety and controversy, his involvement in the 1919 Black Sox scandal is still a controversial topic, and many people claim that he did nothing to end the game (Briley, 28). Although he admitted to receiving a $5,000 prize from his teammates, he supports (and his statistics are back) his argument that he won the series without paying any price.
Question Three
There are several subjects in this course that make "Baseball: Business and Culture" more attractive. Hank Greenberg's review is exciting and exciting (Riess, 12). I had heard that he was a player, but I did not know that he

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