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The Moving Train (Coursework Sample)

The assignment requirements involved writing a poem with similar feelings and thoughts as the poem written by Guthries, "This Train". It had rhymes in the right places, as required in most sonnets. The task was one page with one reference. The poem's content was about a train moving up the forest and describes the views met on the way. source..
Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Class Name: Date when Due: Poem: The Moving Train Woody Guthrie (1) is the writer of the poem “This Train.” The created poem, "The Moving Train," shall have similar thoughts and feelings to the poem by Guthrie, with rhymes in the correct places. Train 1. Quicker than the fairies, quicker than the witches Hedges, houses, bridges, and ditches Moving along as troops in the battle Through and out the meadows as sheep and cattle All of the sights of the hill and the plain Flying in the thick clouds and driving in the rain And just in the blink of an eye Fill the train stations as they whistle by Some kids are scramblers, and scramblers All by themselves, gathering brambles The tramp is standing with gazes And there is the blue with stringing daisies 2. There are cart runways along the road Moving along with the woman and the load And there is the mill; then there is a river Every glimpse is gone forever The train in the railways is starting off The engine is running in a hasty puff As the bell rings, the whistle blows When the agent says “Rights,” the train off it goes The agent again calls the Boston train Take your seats as were are off again Fasts with your luggage and baggage, there The signal indicates the line is cl...
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