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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Postpartum Depression in African American Communities (Coursework Sample)


Public Health Issue
1. What is the health/social issue you are trying to address?
2. Why is this health issue important?
3. What populations/communities are affected by this issue and why? (General and broad approach)
1. What potential population/community and location would you choose to focus your intervention/strategies on? (Ex: Latino children, SJSU students, farm workers, etc. as well as indicating a specific geographic area)
1. Why would you choose this population/ community?
2. How is your issue connected to two of the domains of the social determinants of health (economic stability, neighborhood, and physical environment, education, food, community safety, and healthcare system)?
2. Describe and provide at least two examples of the strengths and assets of the community.
1. How would the strengths and assets help with the implementation of community health promotion interventions/strategies? (These can be related to the physical location, the types of organizations in this community, protective factors such as the resilience this community has demonstrated over time, etc.)
3. Describe and provide at least two examples of the challenges and deficits this community experiences. (Risk factors, chronic diseases, lack of healthy food options, walkability issues, violence, etc.)
Cite at least three different sources in this section


Postpartum Depression in African American Communities
Postpartum depression (PPD) poses a significant health concern for new mothers, as it is a mood disorder that commonly occurs during pregnancy or after giving birth. This perinatal depression not only affects the emotional well-being of mothers but also impacts the crucial bond between mother and baby. Among African American women, in particular, PPD can be further exacerbated by various factors such as socioeconomic backgrounds, low levels of education, and the influence of their neighborhood and physical environment. These compounding factors contribute to the development of feeding and sleep difficulties for both the mother and baby, as well as emotional and mental complications for the mother.
Moreover, the effects of PPD can extend beyond the immediate postpartum period, potentially leading to verbal and developmental challenges in many children. Thus, it is crucial to address and provide support for the unique challenges faced by African American women in relation to PPD, taking into account the multifaceted influences of their 

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