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Response to Weeks 11 Reading Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


it was about responding to the week's reading assignment. The reading was about sensory modalities.

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Response to Weeks 11 Reading
Sensory modalities are not inherently different and independent in humans and animals as studies show. There is a cross-modal perception of stimuli by the brain both prenatally and postnatally. The neural plasticity of the brains modulation of sensory modalities plays a key role in the perception of stimuli during sensory deprivations periods. Due to the neural plasticity, there is a significant interaction across different modalities on exposure to different stimuli. Therefore, in the early stages of life, human beings may perceive different stimuli as the same due to sensory deprivations. For example, at a young age, a human brain’s perception of sound may not be clearly distinct and they may respond to its exposure as if it is a visual signal.
Sound and the Temporal Aspects of Vision
Sound can alter other modalities such as vision when the visual stimuli are influenced by sound signals. Sound stimuli can alter the visual temporal resolution by either improving or degrading it depending on the relationship. For example, the temporal order judgment of light stimuli is better when a sound signal precedes and immediately follows two lights that are turned on with a small delay.
Figure Two
There is an ambiguous motion perception of the trajectory of two objects’ as if they cross each other in the absence of a sound signal or when the sound signal is not synchronous. T...
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