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Management Information System and the Difference Between Personal and Professional Growth (Coursework Sample)


the task had two questions
thje first one required the writer to explain briely, what MIS (maagement information system) is and examples of the same.
the second question required the writer to differentiate between personal and professional growth, and tell which one is more vital


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1. Management information systems commonly known as MIS are systems that explore the various use of technology-based processes to help in the management of companies’ data and information. Management information systems are a way of solving problems at the intersection of technology. Companies have so much data in their possession such as the employees’ data, customers’ data, projects, clients, departments among others (Laudon 2). This information if mishandled, could result to grievous harms to the parties involved. For this reason, MIS comes in to explore ways in which technology can be incorporated in such institutions to help in the management of such data and information safely.
Mostly, MIS may include non-computer based elements such as the structural hierarchy and management of the company but with the current evolving technology, it is mainly computer based. Computer based MIS may include both hardware and software systems. However, in most instances, the hardware systems will require software so that they can function. These include machines to store these data and the need and use of such depends on the size of the business. Examples of MIS software may include; Microsoft dynamics, Avanti slingshot, Fleetmatics WORK amongst others (O’Brien & George 5). With MIS, managers can be able to get feedback from their customers and other stakeholders I the business. It also results to 

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