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"The Apollo Moon Landing Hoax" Conspiracy Theory (Coursework Sample)


This paper discussed one pro-conspiracy source and one anti-conspiracy source in an aim to come to a feasible conclusion regarding the apollo moon landing hoax conspiracy. The paper mentioned the Many individuals who believe in the Apollo moon landing hoax and reject NASA's evidence . These Paranoid people are more inclined to believe in conspiracies because they offer them a feeling of exclusivity. Furthermore, the paper highlighted that Studies show that suspicious people tend to be paranoid as evidence links their unease to their beliefs.


Date Submitted
Confirmation Bias
This is the handling and searching of data that is inclined to a person's opinions. Even though Conspiracy theorists believe that the moon landing was a hoax, I, for the most part, do not accept it as correct. The people who believe in this theory are victims of confirmation bias as I find it highly improbable that such a multitude of people (involved in the moon landing at NASA) would successfully keep such an enormous secret. It is also worth noting that the moon landing hoax would be more straightforward for someone to believe if they already mistrusted the government.
This paper will look at the one pro-conspiracy source (research journal by Lewandowsky, S., Oberauer, K., & Gignac, G. E. 2013). NASA faked the moon landing) and one anti-conspiracy source (Platoff, Anne M. Six Flags over Luna: The Role of Flags in Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories. 2011). Numerous people who believe in the Apollo moon landing hoax are in contradiction of the proof given by NASA in favor of their thinking. Individuals with paranoia are always more likely to validate conspiracy theories since it gives them a sense of exclusivity (Perlmutter 232). Studies have recommended that distrustful individuals are bound to support paranoid notions. Furthermore, there is proof to suggest that their uneasiness is associated with their convictions (Kim 20). Conspiracy theorists have provided evidence to consider their theories; nevertheless, the anti-conspiracy sources also point out why they might be incorrect.
In the photographs taken by the astronauts in the Apollo mission, the stars were absent, according to the pro-conspiracy individuals. However, it is pointed out by the anti-conspiracy sources that there were present but too faint to be seen. This has been mentioned as one piece of evidence. Secondly, the conspiracy theorists give proof on the flapping flag of the U.S, reasoning that if there is no air on the moon, then why is the flag flapping? The counter-arguments suggest that the flag was disturbed and kept in a bent shape (Platoff). Others say that due to the Van- Allen belt, the mission was impossible though it can be counter-argued that the Apollo 11 crew were within their safety limits and were not exposed. Nasa's lunar reconnaissance satellite captured photographs of the Apollo landing site. Footprints of the astronauts can be seen. Questions are asked why the rocket fumes did not erase these prints? This happened because there are no winds and rain on the moon, so the tracks remain.
We hereby see that confirmation bias plays a huge role in the conspiracy theorists' beliefs since the evidence they point out to the Apollo mission as a hoax is the same proof that the mission was genuine.
Agency Detection/Patternicity
Patternicity is the propensity to discover patterns in a negligible clamor. Generally, researchers have regarded patternicity as a blunder in discernment. It is accepting of something being genuine when it isn't (tracking down a nonexistent pattern). The Apollo Moon Landing Hoax involves a patternicity where a class of confirmation bias permits inquiries that suit an individual and overlook those that don't (Platoff). For instance, individuals who accepted that Nasa faked the moon mission will, for example, regularly endeavor to inquire the doubters, for what reason did the U.S. so abruptly quit going into space? Similar individuals seldom wonder why the people at Nasa stopped faking the moon missions, yet it's less expensive to organize a staged moon landing than traveling to the moon.

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