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Developing and Sustaining High-Performance Work Teams in Organizations (Coursework Sample)


This paper requres the student to watch two videos and summarize the most important points on building and managing high-performence teams in organizations.


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Building and Managing High-performance Teams
Managing teams is one of the most important areas in the modern business world; organizations need to develop new strategies for improving communication, reducing conflicts and integrating different departments and employees. Getting the right people for specific tasks is one of the obstacles that limit most managers’ ability to manage high performing teams and propelling their organizations toward their goals. Leaders also need to exhibit traits such as consistency, positivity and the ability to motivate employees through creating trust and rewarding employees who show improvement. Fostering team communication is an important strategy for developing and managing high performance teams since communication reduces conflicts and creates trust among team members.
Team leaders should have a positive energy to portray to team members and encourage then to reflect it among team members. The leaders should also be consistent and create trust among team members. Employees and team members need to trust that the team leader trusts them to complete certain tasks without supervision (Project Management Videos). Delegating leadership and management tasks is one of the ways through which team leaders can create trust among team members. Delegating tasks motivates employees and improves their confidence levels in completing tasks in other departments in case certain team members are unavailable. Building a diver

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