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Religion & Theology
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Islam and the African World Religion & Theology Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Week 4: Islam and the African World
Writing Assignment # 3
Format MLA and Use In-text Citations
Use the 5Ws: Who, What, Where, When, And Why.
Some Writers Add A Sixth Question, How, to the List.
1. Read Sylviane Diouf and write a 1- page summary of each of the following chapters:
i. The Introduction
ii. Chapters 1
iii. Chapter 2
iv. Chapter 3
v. Chapter 4
vi. Chapter 5
2. Read Michael Gomez, Chaps. 2 & 3, and write a 1-page summary of each chapter (2 pages total)
3. Watch video: “Prince Among Slaves” and write a 1-page Reflection Paper


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Islam and the African World
Introduction: An Understudied Presence and Legacy
Islam is one of the significant religious traditions for understanding the dynamic connections between societies, empires, identities, and people on the four continents of the Atlantic world from the 15th century to the 19th century (Diouf 3). The Atlantic world's world aspect mostly develops in the experiences of Muslims from West Africa and their diffusion from Africa. Enslaved Muslims from West Africa were approximated to be over one million of the estimated thirteen million African natives whom white Americans forcefully dispersed to South America, North America, and the European countries in the slavery institution. Servants of Allah presents a historical event about African Muslims who are being followed from West Africa to the Americas. Even if various individuals assume that what Muslim faith they introduced to the Americas was gradually engrossed into the new Christian setting.
The spread of Islam in the Americas inspired even the enslaved Muslims to succeed in following various religious percepts. People who were perceived to urban learned and well-traveled drew on their union, commonality, and the firmness concerning their faith in playing an integral part in the remarkable slave revolutions. Despite the racism, stereotypes, brutality, and violence experienced in the institutionalized slavery enslaved Muslims in the New World controlled significant agency to exercise their religious beliefs and to re-modify their ethnic ideologies and resistance approaches in the Americas. For generations, the Black church was perceived as the historical and ethical foundations of African Americans, though Islam changed this narrative (Diouf 15). Muslims could assert an even ancient religious culture, and it was on that, unlike Protestantism, Islam had its foundation in Africa. However, their achievements and influences on the customs and history of the African Diaspora have been highly overlooked.

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