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Combating Police Brutality Social Sciences Coursework (Coursework Sample)


discuss ways of Combating Police Brutality in the society


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Combating Police Brutality
Several individuals particularly the “Black women” have been victims of police ruthlessness where most of them have lost their lives in the hands of the law enforcement agency, carnal violence, and other forms of gender-based police ferocity. Reducing ethnic healthiness injustices, call for scholars to rigorously see the sights of the bond sandwiched between police brutality then well-being, and to strongly advocate for guidelines addressing discriminatory oppressions.
An accommodating turning point for creating a self-effacing also equitable relationship between the police and the neutrals can be achieved through championing energies to implement police brutality surveillance. Funds could also be made available to support research work in understanding the experiences people face with forces viciousnessCITATION Sir \l 1033 (Sirry, Donna and Ellen).
Strong social actions and policy commendations should be taken in promoting police accountability to improve police-community relationships CITATION Abi \l 1033 (Sulaimon, Carmen and Karun ). Furthermore, social humbleness practices take in self-awareness, embracing complexity then sincerity to learning CITATION Ben19 \l 1033 (Bennett and Gates). Therefore, discussions deep-rooted in social modesty can assist individuals to participate in self-reflection on their expectations, values, and prejudices.

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