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Conspiracy Theory: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories (Coursework Sample)


To describe a conspiracy theory that has ever happened in any part of the world an example was the HIV/aids virus


A conspiracy is an act that involves perpetrators. Their actions are unethical and mostly involve criminal deeds, for instance, killing people in huge masses or people in power. Actions of perpetrators are very secret, and only those involved know the plan but cannot tell other about it. The plans used are very organized and, in most cases, do not go astray unless exposed by the decent people who would want to protect the nation[Joseph E Uscinski and Joseph M Parent. American Conspiracy Theories. Oxford Univ. Press, 2014.]
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories
On the eighth of March 2014, the Malaysian Airline MH370 was headed to Beijing from Kuala. It had a capacity of 239 passengers and the team members, the plane crashed or disappeared on that day and has never been found until today. After the declaration of the news, people had many questions concerning the disappearance. Thus, they came up with many and different theories concerning its disappearance. One first theory that came up was that the captain Zaharie Ahmad Shad made the plane crash intentionally. The main reason for the theory is because people suspected that he had family problems that he wanted to end his life.[Amanda Devlin, "What Happened to Flight MH370 And Is the Search Still Going On?". The Sun, 2018,]
Another theory that came up was that the captain wanted to hijack the plane that is why he flew it to the Indian Ocean. He ended lives of the passengers and locked the co-pilots at the canopy. Immediately he was done with the planned act; he enabled the aircraft to glide into the Indian Ocean.["Flight MH370: Could It Have Been Suicide?". BBC News, 2018,]
Many observers went with the idea of a fire break out in the plane. Some explain it a hitch in the cockpit electricals that sparked a fire; some conclude that it was an overheat of the engine or the jetty gear. Therefore, the fire may have made the pilot lose control of the plane thus flying it in circular movements while trying to land. However, due to the lost control, the pilot was unable to land in an aircraft since the damage would be more. Therefore, he opted to fly it near the Indian ocean. The latest theory is based on cyber hijacking may have taken place NOTEREF _Ref509056663 \f \h 2.
‘Evidence' Used to Support the Theory
First, a piece of debris which was found in WA beach Australia in 2015 was a part of the missing plane as explained by analysts. Any part of the missing plane would be in the Indian ocean or the nearby islands . Second, the satellite data showed that the plane made a turn, but from pilot's regulations, a pilot should not make a turn unless authorized.["Evidence Points to MH370 Being in One Place — And It's About to Be Searched". ABC News, 2018,] [Uscinski, Joseph E, and Joseph M Parent. American Conspiracy Theori

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