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Preventing Ex-Criminals To Do Criminal Activities After Imprisonment (Coursework Sample)


preventing ex-criminals to engage in criminal activities.


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Crime After Imprisonment
A good number of offenders who serve in prison commit crime after release. Several reasons can be attributed to this. In prison, criminals meet other hardcore criminals who make them more hardened to criminal activities. In addition, lack of rehabilitation, job opportunities, stigmatization, psychological illness, inferiority complex, stress and torture caused by prison warders makes them angry. After release, they would want to fester the anger to other people in the society. (Murray and Joseph 442-492.).
It is quite evident that the many criminals repeat the same after imprisonment and this is very unsafe to the community. Something must be done to avert such behaviors. Firstly, when the criminals are incarcerated, they relate with the hardcore criminals and emulate them. Secondly, in many jails there are criminals who engage in illegal activities which with time influence the new convicts into the same. Thirdly, the community does not freely interact with ex-convicts once after imprisonment. Also, these criminals do not secure employment easily. This makes it hard for them to survive in the society since they have no source of income and the society treats them as social misfits (Monahan, Brodsky, and Shan 23-26).
This problem can only be solved if the government implements str

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