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Reflective Journals Social Sciences Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


Students were required to submit Reflective Journals after the completion of the first four Thematic Units . This sample was about discussing the artifact of The Great Serpent Mound.


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The Great Serpent Mound Artifact
Introduction and Identification
This paper seeks to discuss the artifact of The Great Serpent Mound. This serpent effigy is considered the largest across the globe. The ancient Native American culture has been associated with the creation of several mounds especially along the bountiful valleys of the Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri and Mississippi Rivers over ten centuries ago. A significant number of these remain destroyed through modern human activities like farming. Inquiring into the specific culture responsible for building the mound is yet to be correctly established (Herrmann et al. 120). Credible sources mention that the mound was erected by the Fort Ancient Culture (1000-1650 C.E.) in c. 1070 C.E (Baker 2020). This society hailed from Ohio Valley and was affected by the modern Mississippi culture (700-1550), situated in Illinois. What makes this an artifact is the common theme of rattlesnake among the Mississippian culture, thus being employed as a symbol in the Fort Ancient Culture.

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