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Quality of Life Impacts of Computers and Information Systems (Coursework Sample)


Name and describe four quality of life impacts of computers and information systems. Explain how these have impacted your personal or business life. How would ethics support these four quality of life issues? Don’t forget to cite a related resource.
introduction to the issue
conclusion of the writings


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Quality of Life Impacts of Computers and Information Systems
The use of computers and digital information has led to various impacts in life. First, due to the innovation and digitization of processes, there have been improved livelihood since most of the resources can be obtained from the internet. Secondly, depending on computer programmed processes leads to replacement of human workforce hence making people unemployed. The other impact is the health problems that come alongside the use of computers. Lastly, information system leads to laxity that may lead to lower levels of cognitive functioning. This paper elaborates on the quality of life impacts due to computers and information systems adoption in human life.
Improved livelihood is evident through

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