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A Social Entrepreneurial Need in the Community Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The Task Was To Determine What Would Be A Good Entrepreneurial Endeavor, Based On Evident Societal Needs And Demands.

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A social entrepreneurial need in the community
One entrepreneurial need that I have selected for the community is drone-based delivery of essential medicine to people that are in the most desperate need. Today we are witnessing the rise of a brand new technology that is offering unprecedented possibilities and opportunities. This technology involves the drone, which today has many different variations and unique uses. The drone is a remote controlled flying object, often designed with several rotors and special features that allow it all kinds of possibilities that were never possible before, such as longer flight and more reliable flight times, the ability to carry weight, and even the ability to automate it to perform certain tasks. Because of all these new unique features, I believe that the drone can be utilized entrepreneurially in the medical industry by using it to deliver potentially life-saving medicines and drugs to patients (Preimesberger 1). This is especially the case when the patients cannot be accessed easily by conventional transportations, such as an ambulances or medical helicopters.
Drones are already utilized for many different purposes across the world. One of the most popular uses, no doubt, involves using drones to film footage from the sky, allowing any amateur photographer to take aerial photos and videos — something that would have been imaginable for the average citizen just a decade ago without owning or renting a helicopter! Companies such as Amazon have also popularized the use of drones for delivery purposes, by using their own devices to quickly, reliably, and securely deliver products to their customers. Given how widespread drones are becoming, it is no stretch to say that they are going to start playing an increasingly prominent role in our lives. Recognizing the many benefits that are offered by this technology is something that should be achieved early on, as it can literally save lives in the case with medical delivery drones.
Since drones are already demonstrably capable of covering significant distances and carrying a certain amount of weight, it makes sense to invest in efforts to mass-produce medical drones that specialize in delivering essential medical supplies to patients and doctors in need. Through time, this can lead to faster response times by hospitals. In addition, medical drones could be automated in order to deliver various patients their regular medicines, therefore removing the need for many of them to visit pharmacies and hospitals (Hackman and Nicas). This will be especially helpful for patients who are bed-ridden, or otherwise have problems going out to these places. By incorporating these drones with medical and state health records, they can even remove the needs for pharmacists, serving instead as both suppliers of medicine, and verifiers of medical ...
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