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Hospitality Business Industry: Intent and Goals (Coursework Sample)


the client was asked to provide a statement of intent and goals explaining why he/she is passionate about the hospitality business industry. he was also required to list his work experiences in the hospitality industry as well as his involvement in service activities. the client requested me to use simple language as he was an international student.


Hospitality Business Industry
Intent and goals
One of the industries that have ever been my interest since childhood is the hospitality docket. Having been brought in a family that was already established in the hospitality sector, I in turn develop the interest to become an expert in the same industry. My interest in the hospitality industry aimed at helping the people in need of my services. I choose this major because I love helping people with my knowledge and skills. I like to utilize my talents and learned expertise to be of service to the society. Qualifying in my major would equip me relevantly and the much needed with skills to help people, and this would in turn offer personal satisfaction. My family operates a business in the hospitality industry as well, where I could put what I learn into practice.
My goal is to complete my studies within the stipulated two years' time and gain all the skills required for a successful career development in the hospitality business industry. It has been my dream to one day work in one of the reputable hospitality companies after my graduation. This would help me in applying the skills and knowledge learned into practical use, which would in turn help in acquiring the relevant experience to work in any hospitality sector. It also remained my focus to rise through the ranks within the company in a managerial position and achieve the highest best position, in the next 3-5 years after employment with a renowned hospitality company. The administrative position presents an exciting opportunity for me to apply real leadership styles for the benefit of the customers and my employees.
Work experience(s) in hospitality business
My experience in the hospitality industry is from my mothers' restaurant. During the summer, I worked in the restaurant where I assisted in the day to day operations. The following were some of my responsibilities. To start with, I took orders from customers, assisting them in the process by explaining the menu and available dishes. I then took the order to the kitchen where the food got prepared and later served it to the guests. I also planned for outside catering services to people holding parties, festivals, and weddings. Sometimes I contacted the suppliers for various products needed in the restaurant.
Involvement in service activities 
During vacations and holidays, it has been my focus to gain experience by working in hospitality related business. During the 2013 winter break, I volunteered in a probate water environmental project. The primary objective of the project was to reduce land-based water pollution in rivers and other water bodies. We guided the various stakeholders on how to conserve water and prevent pollution. For instance, we visited mechanics and garages near water bodies and educated them on how to wash their engines in a way that the oil could get into the storm water drainage system.
Additionally, I have as well partici

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