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Chapter 16-17: Tourism Principles and the Environment (Coursework Sample)


Chapter 16: Tourism planning Chapter 17: Tourism and the environment

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Tourism and Environment
Tourism is a complex industry that requires much planning and preparations for it to be a success. This is because usually, the tourist has no idea of who he is meeting or where he plans on spending his much needed time. The contact between the tourist and personnel who are supposed to take care of his visit actually happens after the tourist has travelled. Tourism is also an international trade and therefore, the tourists should be conversant with the laws and regulations of the land that they choose on travelling.
For an effective tourism planning and coordination, there are some steps that the tour agencies should take care of. The first step is defining the goals and objectives of the tourists that you have. There are luxurious tourists and there are those who are not as much luxurious as the former. These two have different needs and specifications. Their choices of accommodation, transport, food and places of travel may choose to differ. With this in mind, the travelling agency should next tackle the second step. This step identifying the tourism system. This starts by identifying the type of tourists one expects. It also outlines the resources and the best way to sell your services to these potential clients.
The third step of tourism planning depends heavily on the outcome of the previous first two steps. This is the territorial planning. During this stage, one checks on the tourism awareness, tourism reception in that particular area, the level of tourism marketing in that area, and the organization of the tourism industry based on the country’s government policies. All these are some of the factors that are considered during the territorial planning. These factors also highlight the territory’s main potential for growth in the tourism sector. It also forecasts the potential of the tourism industry within the next coming years and therefore shows if the area is conducive enough for the industry.
In the fourth stage, the goals and policies of the desirable tourism industry are formulated and procedures on how to achieve them is also formulated. This enables the potential investors decide on what to put their money in. be it accommodation services, food services, transport services or entertainment services, depending on the predicted eventual tourism market in the region from the third step. Strategies and proposals are kept in place at this stage and any corrections are made at this step.
The fifth step includes the development of the policies and achievements of the stated goals. The implementation of the formulated strategies and working towards to achieve the said goals is the main work in this stage. The investors actually invest in their preferred fields and the territory slowly becomes a holid...
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