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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Nursing Process III: Outcome Evaluation Tool (Coursework Sample)


This was a learning outcome evaluation for nurses. An evaluation tool was provided with expected course outcome questions.
I was expected to explain how I could handle patients as far as showcasing effective and therapeutic communication skills is concerned.
This was basically showing the professor that I (The student) understood what had been covered during coursework. The evaluation contained sections containing questions whereby I was tasked with creatively responding to how I have achieved the expected outcomes.


Nursing Process III: Outcome Evaluation Tool
Instructions: Provide 3 examples of how you met each course outcome this semester. Please be specific. You may wish to make notes after each clinical experience of how you met each objective. Your primary clinical instructor will grade your responses and provide any comments or feedback as well as provide the score for the professionalism and responsibility you demonstrated during your clinical experiences.
Course Outcome

1 Implement the necessary knowledge and skills to prioritize and manage safe, effective care for high-acuity clients. (15 points)

* I maintained constant and frequent observation to ensure that high acuity patients remain stable at all time.
* Ensuring that the high acuity units are always served by the right number of nurses. This was necessary in ensuring efficiency, reliability and quality service delivery.
* Keeping a constant recording of patient behavior and consulting specific patient care manuals to ensure accurate and timely delivery of care and medication.

Faculty Comments:

2 Advocate for clients experiencing acute, chronic, and multisystem conditions, while demonstrating kindness and empathy in the role as a professional nurse. (15 points)

* Sharing the need to prioritize patients with high acuity needs. This involves advocating for top-notch attention to patients in critical care.
* Constant reminder of the need to utilize acuity ratings in determining the extent of care that the patient needs.
* Always reminding other nurses to consider handling high acuity patients with kindness and empathy as it the basis therapy in enhancing hope and healing.

Faculty Comments:

3. Utilize the nursing process to assess, plan, implement, evaluate, and promote a culture of health and quality improvement for high-acuity clients. (15 points)

* Asserting the need to adopt and maintain a culture of putting patients first. This is crucial in ensuring that high acuity patients access quality care they deserve.
* Using the nursing care process of assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation as standard tool for delivering quality services.
* Striving to improve quality of care through proper planning of patient care approach for each and every patient.

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