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Internet Security IT & Computer Science Coursework (Coursework Sample)


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COS80013 Internet Security
Research Assignment
Crimeware and Malware-Based Business Systems
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The technological advancements in the ICT sector have led to the growth of businesses through the deployment of information systems and other computer-based platforms that drive business ventures. One negative impact of the advancements, especially of the internet, has been cybercrime. Cybercriminals perpetrate their activities by using various means for performing illegal activities on the end user systems for individuals and corporations alike. One of the schemes that these cybercriminals employ in conducting their trade is malware and crimeware. Through these two devices, the perpetrators of criminal activities manage to gain access to various systems and take advantage of such access to pilfer finances from organizations and individuals.
These activities have led to the loss of funds through the theft, in mitigating the compromise on the systems, and in the criminal proceedings that follow such attacks. The perpetrators, on the other hand, reap large financial benefits from such activities and have set up businesses to enhance them develop the malware, license them, trade them, modify them, and use them in perpetrating cybercrime for financial gains. As such, one of the crimeware or malware-based business systems is for the cybercriminals.
On the other side of the divide, there are organizations and individuals that have detected the vulnerability of information systems to information theft and financial losses and have employed technically gifted professionals who have an understanding of cybercrime to develop robust counter-attacking software and systems. Such organizations typically develop the relevant anti-malware software and sell them on open markets as opposed to the first category’s underground trading system. This paper, therefore, analyzes the strategies and the technologies that inform both kinds of businesses that depend on malware and crimeware.

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