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Reflection And Amplification Attacks (Coursework Sample)


The task was about writing the difference between amplification and reflection attack in cyber security.


Reflection And Amplification Attacks
A denial-of-service attack commonly known as DOS aims at shutting down the target machine by thus making it unavailable to the users. These attacks take two forms which maybe reflection attacks and amplification attacks. Both the amplification and reflection attacks will be discussed in details in the following paragraphs.
A reflection attack is a type of attack based on spoofing and uses the same protocol in both diagrams. The protocol commonly used in reflection attack is UDP (User Datagram Protocol). Reflection attacks occur when the target spoofs the Victim IP address. The attacker then sends request to a server using the UDP protocols. The server not knowing that the IP requesting for resources had been spoofed responds sending the responses to the victim machine. All the data from several servers pile up congesting the target machine therefore making it inaccessible.
Amplification attacks are also a type of DOS attacks that work by exploiting vulnerability in Domain Name servers to generate a high number of packets to the target without alerting the intermediary. Typically, Amplification attacks convert very small queries to very payloads that can bring down the target machine. Amplification attacks can be seen as types of reflection attack that flood the target with large number of UDP packets by manipulating Domain na

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