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Life Sciences
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Effects of Palm Oil Production on Palm Oil Farming (Coursework Sample)


part 1: effects of palm oil production on palm iol farming
part 2; the thoughts of anna nekris on domestication of slow loris


Part 1
Today, palm oil can be termed as a basic ingredient in most food and cosmetics products from butter to soap to lipstick. Mostly it is because, it is cheaper compared to its substitutes. It is beneficial to human health and highly profitable for nations that are producing it. However, this comes with a great cost. The large scale plantation of palm oil is putting our beloved primates on extinction. It is mostly grown in the tropical areas which also happens to be the primary habitat for primates. Primates reside in the tropical regions. The massive palm oil production implies that most of the tropical region has to be cleared to facilitate the farming. The clearing is destroying the home of the primates and currently they are facing extinction. It is important for everyone to take this matter seriously not just because of humanity but for the reason that primates play a very big role in our ecosystem. Primates are known to be the most acknowledged seed dispensers which ensures there’s continuity of different tree species in the environment. They also play a significant role in fostering scientific discoveries especially in medicine. As a result of their, many similarities to humans, scientists use them for various medical discoveries and the human evolution. Moreover, their meat is known to have health beneficial such as reducing the occurrence of anemia in small children. There are other several benefits primates have on earth and driving them to extinction is only doing us more harm. We are gradually slowing down medical discoveries that are beneficial to us

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